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Thank you to all of rescuers on the ground, and those that helped connect rescuers with animals needing rescue!

We are no longer accepting rescue requests.
Please contact the Houston SPCA at http://www.houstonspca.org

We are not collecting any donations or supplies.


If you need to check the status of a ticket, please email support@harveypetrescue.com


Dispatchers may still log in to check ticket status and close tickets.

***Disclaimer: HarveyPetRescue.com is not liable for damages, including loss of life, limb, animals or property. This website is not affiliated with any government organization. It is a volunteer-run website. Please do not wait for rescue: if someone else shows up first, go with them! Rescues are not guaranteed. Call 911 for emergencies.

Not affiliated with @harveypetrescue on Twitter.

Those from @harveypetrescue are welcome to use this ticketing system. contact support@harveypetrescue.com